Lets Blog!

Ziad has visited in Munich and Nice and stayed for a couple of weeks. We shoot the video clip for " I will not send you flowers", starring Ziad, Terry & Mufty.
Once the editing is finished the clip will be released asap.
Once again, if you think someone should listen to our tracks please let me know. Spread the news! Thank you!

This is a blog including our thoughts about music, existence, philosophy & politics and many more aspects of live! 

We are planning to record another 6-8 songs during this year with many more musicians and hopefully launch a new record in 2022/23.

We would like to play live again! If you think we could fit into a Music Programm, let us know!

Despite our different locations we managed to finish the Single, which is a success if you think about the Corona shutdown restrictions during 2021/22. 

Thank you dear Internet & Logic Studio!!! 

The future is unwritten! (Joe Strummer)

What drives us? It is our natural desire for expression & creativity! 

Stay tuned for upcoming news!